Winter Fires – iPad sketches in progress

I thought people might like to see some of the “in progress” stages of some of the Winter Fires iPad drawings – principally because they are visible during the playback video on YouTube, though one or two of them were printed in the book too. However, these were mostly done for the group portraits, where I had to sketch out each portrait very simply as a separate layer to reduce and assemble into the group, and then work into.

They weren’t really drawn to see seperately – so this is just a little bonus from the working process.

BelfastAM2-274-6xBelfastAM-IMG_0649WFBelfast AM-283-6xmx1-262-6xmx2-263-6xmx3-264-6xBelfastPM-292-6xBelfastPM-293-6xBelfastPM-305-6xBelfastPM-306-6xBelfast PM-309-6xWFa247-6x

A selection of the finished iPad portraits are about to be featured with a new text by François Matarasso, based on a recent filmed ‘conversation’ between us, in the American academic journal Anthropology and Aging Quarterly in March 2013.

You can get the book Winter Fires with the portraits free of charge from

The Baring Foundation, 
60 London Wall, 
London EC2M 5TQ

Tel: 020 7767 1348 

or as a free PDF download from the link on François Matarasso’s site: –

The playback video has been posted to YouTube, and available to view on my previous blog post: –

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