About Mik Godley

I am a painter, iPad artist and art-school lecturer.

I’m interested in digital and internet explorations from pixel to painting and back again, and my project “Considering Silesia” examines issues of conflicting (Anglo-German) heritages, cultural memory, identity, displacement and migration.

These themes are observed in the context of our evolving relationship with the internet and new media – our digital “way of seeing” – focusing on ‘virtual expeditions’ to my mothers’ homeland (Lower Silesia – a place I’ve never been to) and the very ‘analogue’ activity of painting.

Developed since 2003 “Considering Silesia” has been exhibited from Baltimore to Zagreb, featured in several publications, received awards and critical acclaim.

Recent exhibitions include Autodesk Gallery San Francisco, a solo show for the Edinburgh Art Festival at TotalKunst, London Art Fairs with BendInTheRiver and Own Art, Nettie Horn Gallery, London, Nottingham Contemporary, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.

Selected Reviews: –

“Enigmatic landscapes charged with psychological resonance…. An impressive combination of methodical observation and technical draughtsmanship matched by a mature understanding of the medium and just the right amount of spontaneity and freedom give these studies a real sense of urgency, energy and vitality.”
Matt Price, critic (Flash Art, Art Review), saatchi.gallery.co.uk
February 7, 2007
Review of “Parade: Terra Incognita”, Angel Row Gallery

“The building up of the image through thousands of small squares and dashes of acrylic paint gives these works a vibrancy of surface that is both intriguing and unnerving. There is a ghostliness about these paintings that both attracts and yet is candidly uncanny, cold and crisp like a detail in a story by M R James, apparently trivial but in fact exactly to the point.”
Peter Suchin, critic (Art Review, Frieze, Art Monthly)
Untitled, June 2007
Review of “Greetings from Silesia”, Bend in the River

“Mik Godley suggest[s] that pixelation is the pointillism of the twenty-first century. … Today’s most famous photographic pixelator, Thomas Ruff, similarly attempts to touch the mysterious in his porn photos (though with more cynical subject matter), but to really make the leap into the uncanny you have to change medium as well. Godley’s seductive and slightly sickly painting Ana takes us into this uncomfortable realm.”
James Westcott, artreview.com, February 2008


2 thoughts on “About Mik Godley

    • Estimado Mr. Mik Godley,

      Me pongo en contacto contigo tras haber visto tus magníficos trabajos en Rise Art y por ello te doy la enhorabuena y quiero darte a conocer nuestra galería de arte,
      inaugurada el pasado día 15 de marzo situada en una zona privilegiada de Madrid.

      También te invito a visitar nuestra página web http://www.art5.es
      Y si te interesa participar en alguna exposición, ya sea colectiva o individual y sobre todo la difusión de tu obra internacionalmente te ruego,
      ponte en contacto en : info@art5.es para ampliar información.

      Un cordial saludo y muchas gracias por tu tiempo.

      & light

      Carlos Bernal Iglesias

      Galeria Art5

      00 34 914201082
      + 34 659098333

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